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Solomon Fists
Solomon Fists

File: ...

It is standard practice for every makefile to have a variable namedobjects, OBJECTS, objs, OBJS, obj,or OBJ which is a list of all object file names. We woulddefine such a variable objects with a line like this in themakefile:

File: ...

Although make does its best to clean up there are certain situationsin which cleanup is impossible. For example, make may be killed byan uncatchable signal. Or, one of the programs make invokes may be killedor crash, leaving behind an up-to-date but corrupt target file: makewill not realize that this failure requires the target to be cleaned. Ormake itself may encounter a bug and crash.

The first character of the value of this variable is used as thecharacter make assumes is introducing a recipe line. If the variableis empty (as it is by default) that character is the standard tabcharacter. For example, this is a valid makefile: 041b061a72




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