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Christian Mitchell
Christian Mitchell

Antec Fusion 430 Lcd Driver NEW!

I will also note that while not officially supported by Antec or Soundgraph, the Linux community has shown some good talent again in reverse engineering the LCD protocol and created some Linux drivers that, while still in development, work very well.

Antec Fusion 430 Lcd Driver

As far as i remember Antec Fusion came in 2 flavors. VFD (greenish dot matrix only) and LCD (bright blue dot matrix with disk-like circle and speakers indicators). Both were OEM of SoundGraph iMon. You need to establish which version you have then search the net for SoundGraph iMon VFD or LCD recent drivers. They are rather easy to find and from my experience run smoothly on Win10 (at least for VFD version I have).

I have blue dot matrix and know, that i used before vfd driver which i do not have anymore and honestly, i didn't found it anywhere on the net. If you have vfd version...will you be so kind and send it to anddrej(@)

I just got my son a Antec Fusion case with the VFD display, floppy power connector. This driver got it working, thanks! I guess antec is no more or its web site is no more...? any attempt to download from there results in 404, so this was a life saver.

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Hello, I'm not very experienced with this kind of stuff and I just made an account to ask about this issue specifically because I'm pretty desperate, I've been dealing with this problem for 2 years and haven't been able to find a fix to this day, the problem is that whenever I restart my computer after a graphics card driver update I end up with really bad mouse lag/freezing, whenever I move my cursor it freezes for a second every 3-4 seconds, this affects some games that become unplayable because of it, some games are not affected by it but it's rare, other stuff such as videos are also affected, by the time I started having this issue I didn't thought of doing a system restore or rolling back drivers so I ended up stuck with the problem

I'm recently making a post about this even though I've had this issue for years because I thought I just got rid of it recently, I moved from Windows 10 to Windows 7 and with the help of a friend all drivers were reinstalled, the mouse lag was gone but I was still having issues since the driver that was installed was outdated and couldn't run certain games, I had decided to update the drivers which caused the same issue, thankfully I did a restore point and I'm not dealing with the issue right now but I am pretty stuck, I've tried several driver updates and versions, no matter what they always give me the same issue, currently I am stuck with a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and I don't know how I can update to a driver that doesn't give me mouse issues, a friend told me that maybe I should get an older AMD driver update but I know very little of this and I'm not sure what to try

I have tried numerous times to uninstall and reinstall the driver and everytime I the AMD driver is activated the mouse/cursor stalls return. This is on a completely fresh installed Windows 10 2004 Acer System with an AMD A6-6310 R4. If the problem was supposedly fixed, what am I doing wrong that I keep having the problem?

I've had the same issue for years now. For the longest time, I thought it was just an issue with Windows Update to the new version. I believe that before 2018 or 19, this graphics driver did play nice with Windows for whatever reason. I purposefully kept Windows un-updated for this reason, but sometime in 2019, I decided to update to the latest windows version to see if the issue got fixed. It did not.

I ended up "fixing" the mouse lag by going into my Device manager program, clicking on Display adapters, and right clicking to disable the AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics driver. This solved the issue immediately, and now, it pops up again once windows re-updates (presumably re-enabling the driver). I don't really game on this computer, so it's not an issue for me, so if you're in the same boat there, this solution may work for you or whoever else is reading this.

I don't think you're doing anything wrong - it just sounds like this driver and windows update aren't playing nice with one another, and neither company is willing to look into it because this is such an old system and probably only affects a handful of us.

So, my uncle has been having this lag issue for the longest time. His mouse, and really, the system will freeze every 2 seconds. Not kidding, it would drive me nuts. Two seconds it works, one second, or a fraction of, it freezes. Even watching YouTube videos, it's freezes every two seconds. Finally, I took a look at his laptop and tried a few things. Today, I installed the Windows 10 64 bit driver/software that I found on the support page (radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-21.5.2-win10-64bit-legacyasics-june21-legacy). The program ran, said it would set the graphics back to factory settings (or something like that) and at some point during the process the mouse and laptop instantly began working as it should. I was thrilled. When it finished, it said the laptop had to restart. The laptop restarted, after some updates, and the mouse continued to work great. When I logged in, the AMD software ran another 5 minutes. I can't remember if just started or I clicked start. But it ran five minutes, and boom, the lag was back. Better, it does it only every 3 seconds now, lol. So, any suggestions on what I should try?

I was using an April 2022 build of the driver until today. I ran into severely low FPS in a game and the only fix seemed to be updating to the most recent driver. Now I'm feeling the stuttering again.

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