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Mat Angiwan III

B737 NG CBT Full Version

B737 NG CBT full version

The Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) is a series of narrow-body aircraft that are the third generation of the Boeing 737 family. The 737 NG includes the 737-600, 737-700, 737-800, and 737-900 variants, as well as the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) models. The 737 NG was introduced in 1997 and has been widely used by airlines around the world for short- to medium-haul flights.

As a modern and complex aircraft, the 737 NG requires a high level of training for pilots to operate it safely and efficiently. Computer-based training (CBT) is a form of distance learning that uses interactive software to deliver instruction and assessment on various topics related to the aircraft systems, procedures, and performance. CBT can be used for both initial and recurrent training, as well as for differences training between different variants or models of the 737 NG.

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Benefits of CBT

CBT offers several advantages over traditional classroom or simulator-based training, such as:

  • Flexibility: CBT can be accessed anytime and anywhere, using different devices such as PC, Mac, or Android computers, tablets, and smartphones. CBT can also work both online and offline, synchronizing when connectivity is re-established.

  • Cost-effectiveness: CBT can reduce the need for expensive simulators, instructors, and travel expenses. CBT can also save time by allowing pilots to learn at their own pace and skip topics that they already know.

  • Engagement: CBT can provide a more engaging and interactive learning experience than passive lectures or manuals. CBT can use text, audio, graphic animations, videos, quizzes, and simulations to enhance the retention and comprehension of the material.

  • Feedback: CBT can provide immediate and personalized feedback to the learners, as well as track their progress and performance. CBT can also generate reports and certificates to document the completion and results of the training.

Features of CBT

There are many providers of CBT courses for the 737 NG, each offering different features and content. However, some of the common features that a good CBT course should have are:

  • Coverage: A full version of a CBT course should cover all the major systems and components of the 737 NG, such as engines, electrical systems, flight controls, fuel systems, hydraulic systems, navigation systems, weather radar, etc. A full version should also include basic and differences training between different variants or models of the 737 NG.

  • Quality: A full version of a CBT course should have high-quality graphics and animations that accurately depict the operation and behavior of the aircraft systems. The course should also have clear and natural voice narration that explains the concepts and procedures in a simple and concise way.

  • Interactivity: A full version of a CBT course should have interactive elements that allow the learners to manipulate and control the aircraft systems, as well as test their knowledge and skills. For example, the course should have interactive system diagrams that show how the systems work in different scenarios, FMS skills training that teaches how to use the flight management system, cockpit procedures training that demonstrates how to perform normal and abnormal procedures in the cockpit, walk around training that shows how to inspect the exterior of the aircraft before flight, etc.

Sources of CBT

Some of the sources that offer CBT courses for the 737 NG are:


CPAT GlobalA leading provider of distance learning solutions for aviation professionals. It offers initial and recurrent training courses for the 737 NG, as well as differences training between the 737 NG and other models such as the 737 Classic or the 737 MAX. It also offers interactive aircraft system diagrams, FMS skills training, cockpit procedures training, walk around training, etc. [CPAT Global]

EvionicaA provider of innovative aviation software solutions. It offers initial and recurrent training courses for the 737 NG & MAX, covering all major aircraft systems in a user-friendly and interactive way. It also offers full HD graphics and realistic animations, natural lector voice, and access on tablet, mobile, and desktop.[Evionica]

These are just some examples of the sources that offer CBT courses for the 737 NG. There may be other sources that have different features and prices. Pilots should compare and evaluate the options available to find the best CBT course that suits their needs and preferences.




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