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Christian Mitchell
Christian Mitchell

Learn English with Aim High 3: Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing, and More

As a rule, we purchase the highest concurrent user option possible (unlimited users). If the eBook has a more restrictive number of concurrent users (single user, as example) we will purchase an extra copy or copies of that title to reduce concurrent user congestion. Fortunately, when a single user access eBook is "checked out," that eBook generally becomes available at the conclusion of the user's session (this is not like a print book check out loan period).

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The Association of Neuropsychology Students in Training (ANST) is an interest group open to all levels of students. The purpose of ANST is to provide information, and access to resources for trainees interested in clinical neuropsychology. Neuropsychology is a specialty area within psychology that involves understanding and assessing brain-behavior relationships. ANST is devoted to conducting clinical research, providing our students with hands-on experience, and keeping informed of current literature. ANST is a great opportunity for professional networking.ANST is a student subgroup of Division 40 (Society for Clinical Neuropsychology) of the American Psychological Association (APA). You do not have to be a member of APA to join, but it is highly recommended!

The name Delta Mu Delta signifies through knowledge, power. This power is not uncontrolled aggression, but the power to manage for social and economic good. Delta Mu Delta membership is a lifetime achievement. It's the highest national recognition a business student can earn.

The Integrated Math and Computer Science Club, iMacs, promotes mathematics and computer science in the community. Each year, its members participate in many on- and off-campus events. This organization is open to all students interested in promoting the opportunities and goals of mathematics. The club sponsors a mathematics contest for area high school students, field trips, and attendance at professional meetings.

The Literature and Languages club is a community of students interested in the recreational advantages of literature, writing and foreign languages. The club provides an outlet for creative writing, book discussion and opportunities to promote the art of language in the community. Founded with the intention to expand on cultural understanding of literature, the club strides to make those interested in English, literature, and foreign languages accessible to every and all majors.

The Army ROTC Department provides all uniforms, equipment, and textbooks required for the classes. In addition to the academic classes, students may also participate on a voluntary basis in many additional training opportunities such as physical training and hands-on equipment training each week. Each semester there is a military social event and at least one-weekend training session that includes such events as military marksmanship, cross-country orienteering, military rappelling, leadership application courses, and obstacle/confidence courses. During breaks and vacations, students can volunteer for active Army training such as military parachute operations, helicopter operations, military mountain climbing, and training with active army units in the United States and overseas. There are also numerous opportunities for academic internships with state and federal agencies through Army ROTC. Army ROTC also offers language and cultural immersion programs offering incentives for language classes taken on campus as well as funded study abroad and summer foreign exchange internships to thirty countries. All Army-sponsored training is cost-free to the student, and students are paid for some summer training courses.

The ROTC program consists of two programs, the basic courses normally taken during the freshman and sophomore years consisting of MS 101/102, MS 201/202, and MS 111L/112L. The advanced courses normally taken during the junior and senior years consist of MS 301/302, MS 401/402, and MS 131/132. Students who have completed basic training in any U.S. service may qualify for placement in the advanced course depending on their university academic standing. Additionally, students who have not completed the ROTC basic course may qualify for the advanced course by attending a paid four-week long basic leadership training course (ROTC Basic Camp) conducted each summer at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Incoming freshmen, transfer students, and all enrolled Marywood University students can compete for one- to four-year ROTC scholarships that pay full tuition and fees regardless of cost and $1,200 per year for books in addition to the monthly stipend. The Army will commission successful graduates as a Second lieutenant (2LT) with a starting salary of over $42,000 per year plus housing allowance, food allowance, and medical and dental benefits, as well as 30 days paid vacation per year. For more information on the Army ROTC program at Marywood University contact the Army ROTC Department at (570) 299-0737 or (978) 815-4039.

Psychology club is a social and academic club of graduate and undergraduate students. The purpose of the club is to provide support to students with workshops and events that focus on topics in psychology and counseling and career and graduate school preparation. The Psychology club also serves as a community builder for students of the Department of Psychology & Counseling. The Psychology club conducts a psychology fair annually for local high school students to attend and learn about the different career paths within psychology. Members are also highly encouraged to present and attend the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) Conference, a regional psychology conference frequently attended by students and faculty of the department. Requirements of the club include regular meetings, which are run by cabinet members that are voted by their peers annually.

Sigma Tau Delta is an international excelled English honor society for students of English at four-year colleges and universities who are within the top 30% of their class and have a 3.5 GPA or higher. It presently has over 850 chapters in the United States and abroad.

SNAM is a student run nursing club at Marywood that sponsors activities in the community, fosters collaboration with healthcare professionals, and promotes the development of leadership skills. The purpose of SNAM is to organize, represent, educate, and mentor its members, convey the standards and ethics of the nursing profession, promote the skills necessary in the nursing profession, advocate for high-quality healthcare, and develop nursing students who are prepared to lead the profession in the future.

Tau Sigma Delta was established to provide a national collegiate honor society open to students of all American colleges and universities wherein an accredited program of Architecture, Landscape Architecture or Allied Arts is established. Its prime objective is to celebrate excellence in scholarship, to stimulate mental achievement, and to award those students who attain high scholastic standing in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Allied Arts of Design by the rewards of membership in an honor society.

TV-Marywood is an organization based out of the Marywood Media Group. Within this club students are allowed to express their creativity through television production. Whether it be working on TVM News, Beyond the Arch or creating their own production, TV-Marywood wants all students to feel like they can share their voices through the club. You can find our original programs and TVM News on our social media platform, specifically Youtube and Facebook.




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