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Rustam Panov
Rustam Panov

Bleach Episode 366

At the Human World, Ichigo arrives home and is greeted warmly by all of his friends and family. A white card appears, with his personal information written on it, including his occupation, which reads "High School Student/Substitute Shinigami". Ichigo says "See you soon" just before the episode fades to black.

Bleach Episode 366

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The episodes of the Bleach anime television series are based on Tite Kubo's original manga series of the same name. It is directed by Noriyuki Abe, produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Pierrot, and was broadcast in Japan from October 5, 2004, to March 27, 2012.[1] The series follows the adventures of high school student Ichigo Kurosaki who can see spirits and becomes a Soul Reaper, after assuming the duties of Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki.

Forty-five pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: Fifteen opening themes and thirty closing themes. Several CDs that contain the theme music and other tracks have been released by Studio Pierrot.[4] As of January 23, 2013, all 366 episodes have been released by Aniplex in Japan in 88 DVD compilations.[5] 32 DVD compilations of the English adaptation of the series have been released by Viz Media,[6][7] and twenty six season boxsets have been released that contain all the seasons of the anime.[8][9]

Bleach's once-final episode was its 366th and concluded the fight between Substitute Shinigami Ichigo and Kugo. A group of full Shinigami had initially planned to kill both Ichigo and Kugo to eradicate the threat of Substitute Shinigami and the negative connotations given to the role by Kugo. But, having realized the type of person Ichigo is, they shared their energy with him to help finish the fight.

The biggest revelations involve a closer look into Ichigo's backstory, showing how he became as powerful as he is and why he was destined for his role. This devolves into a second Seireitei War and culminates into a far grander finale than the one seen in the 366th episode of the anime. Thankfully, fans can finally see this storyline animated on the silver screen, which will hopefully be worth the nearly 10-year wait.

After I watched episode 366 of Bleach, I waited for a couple of months. As I expected, no new episode of the Bleach anime has been released since then. And yet, I don't believe that the anime has reached the ending.

VizMedia, the production company behind the series, announced that the final part of the Bleach story will consist of 13 episodes divided into four groups, with a break in between each group of episodes.

Between August 2001 and October 2018, Tite Kubo created 74 volumes (or 686 chapters) of the Bleach manga. From 2004 to 2012, these chapters were adapted into 366 Bleach anime episodes (including fillers), divided up into 16 seasons. 041b061a72




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