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Sellswords: Ashen Company Serial Key

Sellswords: Ashen Company is a medieval action real-time strategy game that lets you play as a captain of a mercenary company. You can travel the world seeking for contracts, manage your company, and take part in massive battles with thousands of soldiers. The game is developed by Mutiny Software and was released on Steam Early Access on April 28, 2019.

If you are interested in playing this game, you might be wondering how to get a serial key for it. A serial key is a unique code that allows you to activate and play the game on Steam. There are different ways to obtain a serial key for Sellswords: Ashen Company, such as:

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  • Buying the game from the official Steam store. This is the most reliable and secure way to get a serial key, as you will support the developers and get access to all the updates and features of the game. The price of the game is $14.99 USD.

  • Buying the game from other online platforms that sell Steam keys . These platforms offer cheaper prices than the Steam store, but they may not be authorized by the developers or Steam. Therefore, there is a risk of getting scammed or banned from playing the game. You should always check the reputation and reviews of the platform before buying from it.

  • Searching for free serial keys on the internet. This is the most risky and illegal way to get a serial key, as you may encounter viruses, malware, or phishing sites that try to steal your personal information or damage your computer. You may also violate the terms of service of Steam and the game, and face legal consequences. We do not recommend this method at all.

In conclusion, Sellswords: Ashen Company is an exciting and innovative game that combines real-time strategy and third-person combat in a medieval setting. If you want to play it, you should buy a serial key from a trusted source, such as the Steam store or other reputable platforms. Avoid searching for free serial keys on the internet, as they may harm your computer or your account.




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