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Rustam Panov
Rustam Panov

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Center Stage Music Studios has very experienced instructors that teach students the correct vocal, acting, and instrumental techniques while using the genre of music the performer feels best defines them as an artist. The studio offers vocal, acting, drum, guitar, bass, and piano lessons in Pottstown, PA.

2048x1536 Music Studio Wallpaper">

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Flute study at James Madison University is designed to prepare the flutist for a variety of professional careers in music. As a music student at JMU, you will be involved in many exciting and stimulating activities, focusing on attaining the highest possible level of performance to help achieve your own educational and professional goals. We strive to provide you with a solid music education, built on strong fundamental skills and the encouragement to develop your own musical personality. There are many opportunities for solo performance through studio, area, and School of Music recitals, as well as local, regional, and national competitions.

Clarinet professor, Dr.Šarūnas Jankauskas' goals for the clarinet studio include motivating students towards work with perceived results, building their confidence and positive outlook, emphasizing music as language, and developing efficient practice strategies and in-depth knowledge of physiology and psychology of clarinet playing.

In all music degree concentrations, Dr. Sue Barber, bassoon professor, emphasizes development of strong fundamental performance skills as the core part of your bassoon study. This includes playing studied solo works in master classes, recitals for your peers, studio and non-degree recitals, and eventually the presentation of a half or full recital in your senior year. Instruction will address a variety of topics necessary to develop a strong fundamental approach to playing the bassoon. Areas that will be considered in-depth are technique, reed making, etudes, a wide variety of solo literature, chamber music, orchestral material, modern performance techniques, and career development.

Ovation Sound is the premiere recording studio in the Piedmont Triad, providing the perfect atmosphere for creativity. Our facility is built to accommodate any band or ensemble. Our engineers are highly trained musicians and are committed to developing partnerships with our clients. 041b061a72




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