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Solomon Fists
Solomon Fists

Thai Blowjob LINK

Today the interviews come full circle as I am proud to present the results of a question and answer session with a Thai blowjob bar worker. Although the subject of the interview wants to remain anonymous for what should be pretty obvious reasons the content is still quite interesting if I do say so myself. You be the judge. I would like to remind you that this and other interviews yet to be published are available in the Sex Talk book that was recently published.

thai blowjob

Then I came back to work in bar again. I tried another massage shop. It was really no good for me. Now I am very good at blowjobs but still too tired to do massage or have husband. I just want to make money for my daughter and my family.

Thanks for the comment. Some of it clearly depends on the person and to a degree the place though. I know of a few blowjob bar girls who have married foreigners who started as customers. I also know of some who regularly spend time with foreigners on a friendly basis without any monetary motivation. Of course there are many of the type you describe who want nothing to do with customers other than a quick blow and go. Cheers.

Went there twice last week to see Luna. Wow is all I can say! She gave a fantastic DT blowjob that made my toes curl and swirled the cum in her mouth afterwards. She is 32 with bountiful breasts and is super friendly and horny. Highly recommended to everyone out there. Luna was awesome 041b061a72




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