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Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta Movie Review: A Bold and Realistic Drama on Extramarital Affairs

Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta Movie Download in HD 1080p: A Review

Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta is a 2010 Hindi-language film starring Prashant Narayanan and Aruna Shields. It is directed by Pravesh Bhardwaj and produced by Manu Kumaran. The film is a drama that revolves around two married couples who find out that their spouses are having an affair with each other. The film explores how they deal with this betrayal and how they develop a bond with each other.

Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta movie download in hd 1080p

The film was released on 25 June 2010 in India and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The film was praised for its bold and realistic portrayal of extramarital relationships, but also criticized for its slow pace, weak script, and poor editing. The film features music by Grammy-nominated artist Ustaad Shujaat Hussain Khan and Shaarang Dev Pandit.

In this article, we will review the movie and provide some information on how to download it in HD 1080p quality. We will also discuss the main themes and genres of the movie, as well as its plot summary, critical analysis, conclusion, and FAQs.


Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta is a movie that explores the complex emotions and consequences of infidelity in marriage. The movie follows two couples, Neera Singh (Aruna Shields) and Karan Singh (Naved Aslam), and Ashwin Mehta (Prashant Narayanan) and Sakhi Mehta (Lucy Hassan), who live in London. Neera works in a small company, while Karan is a successful advertising executive. Ashwin is a painter and an artist who has a personal studio, while Sakhi is a journalist who travels frequently.

The movie begins with Neera overhearing a phone call between Karan and Sakhi, who are having an affair behind their spouses' backs. Neera decides to track down Sakhi's address and confront her, but she meets Ashwin instead, who is unaware of his wife's cheating. Ashwin later sees Sakhi with Karan at a hotel and follows them secretly. He meets Neera again at the hotel lobby, where she shows him evidence of their spouses' affair.

Neera and Ashwin are shocked and hurt by their discovery, but they react differently to it. Neera wants to confront Karan and Sakhi and end their marriage, while Ashwin wants to ignore it and pretend that nothing has happened. However, they soon find themselves drawn to each other as they share their pain and loneliness. They start spending time together at Ashwin's studio, where he paints her portrait. They also begin to have a sexual relationship, which they justify as a way of getting back at their cheating partners.

The movie belongs to the drama genre, as it focuses on the emotional turmoil and conflicts of the characters. It also has elements of romance, as it shows how Neera and Ashwin fall in love despite their circumstances. The movie deals with themes such as infidelity, marriage, identity, art, betrayal, b70169992d




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