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Halo New Blood Epub Download !LINK! Sites

I buy most of my stuff from so I searched for "halo new blood" in all departments and, for some reason, only Halo: New Blood (Unabridged) was returned. So, my go-to eCommerce website failing me, I Googled "halo new blood". I was surprised to see a Google result of "New Blood (HALO) eBook: Matt Forbeck:" result so I followed the link to -Blood-HALO-Matt-Forbeck-ebook/dp/B00L4ZZ4BK and got a 404 and the following error:

halo new blood epub download sites

Suspecting that it may be on the UK iTunes store, I Googled "halo new blood" and followed the "iTunes - Books - Halo: New Blood by Matt Forbeck" result to -new-blood/id887011141?mt=11 which opened the iTunes desktop client with the following error:

Desperate, I Googled "halo new blood waterstones" and followed the "New Blood - Halo (eBook) - Waterstones" Google result to -blood/matt-forbeck/9781476796703 and was so excited to see a 4.99 price, "eBook (ePUB)" format, "Available for immediate download" note, and an "ADD TO BASKET" button! Finally, we're getting somewhere!

I originally posted this to the halo subreddit at _can_i_get_the_halo_new_blood_ebook_in_the_uk/ (spoilers!) so, while I was writing it, I went back to the Waterstones page to get the details and was very surprised to see that the "ADD TO BASKET" button had changed to "DOWNLOAD", despite never receiving an order confirmation email. Great(ish?)!

So, I selected "DOWNLOAD" and anticipated a file called something like "Halo - New Blood.epub" to start downloading. Instead, I saw "URLLink.acsm". Now, I consider myself to be pretty au fait when it comes to file extensions and formats and I had never heard of an ACSM file. Google quickly revealed that it is the American College of Sports Medicine but, after tweaking my search, revealed that it is actually an Adobe Digital Editions file used for downloading eBooks.

Hurrah for good software development[!] Right-clicking on the book and selecting "Item Info" revealed that the EPUB had finally been downloaded locally! I don't have a dedicated eBook reader so I usually just open ePubs and PDFs in the iBooks app on my iPhone and I'm travelling to London very soon, which is a good few hours each way, so I wanted to get Halo: New Blood into iBooks ready. So, I copied the "New Blood-3.epub" file to my Dropbox on my PC, downloaded it in the Dropbox iOS app, selected "Open in iBooks", and got the following error:

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