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You Have Requested : The.Serpent.Queen.S01E06.M...

Jess: I noticed my dad's shirt buttons were flipped, so that's how I knew the image was photoshopped. Men's shirts all have buttons on the right. Women's shirt buttons are all on the left.

You have requested : The.Serpent.Queen.S01E06.M...

Grogar returns, frustrated that the three still have not learned to work together. Chrysalis expresses frustration as well because it has been weeks since Grogar summoned them to his lair, and they still do not know what his plan is. Grogar explains that his Bewitching Bell, a talisman that contains the rest of his power, was stolen thousands of moons ago by Gusty the Great and sealed away at the top of Mt. Everhoof. Seeing an opportunity for Cozy, Tirek, and Chrysalis to learn teamwork, Grogar tasks them with scaling the mountain and retrieving the Bell.

However, in spite of her bitterness, the one thing she desired most was a loving family. She grew fond of Emma, adopting her as a child, and was greatly hurt when she ran off. Upon meeting her niece, Elsa, she was happy to have a family member that could understand her. However, she had opposite feelings with Anna, who was not only devoid of powers, but greatly resembled Gerda. This distrust only became worse when Anna went to ask the Rock Trolls about her and finding a hat capable of absorbing magic in her niece's bag (Anna had planned to use it on Ingrid if she became a threat to Elsa). Ingrid's dislike for Anna was exploited further when she encouraged Elsa to freeze her while she was under a spell, and came close to killing her twice.

Even though it was because of her own botched attempt, Ingrid blamed Anna, who had been under her spell, for Elsa ending up in the urn. This contributed to her belief she was just like her mother, when I'm fact Anna loved Elsa and wouldn't have done so on her own. After her would-be nephew-in-law, Kristoff, confronted her, Ingrid finally snapped and embraced herself as the monstrosity she believed everyone thought she was by freezing all of Arendelle for 30 years while telling Elsa that she would one day embrace herself too. Her loathing of non-magical individuals was shown to full extent when she placed a freezing curse on an innocent "Marian" and tried to kill Hook in order to teach Elsa that people see them as monsters and was even willing to unleash a curse that would kill everyone in Storybrooke save herself, Emma and Elsa just to have her "perfect family".

Ingrid is the first child born to Queen Sonja and King Harald of Arendelle, and she has two younger sisters, Helga and Gerda. As children, the three have a close bond. One afternoon, they spot a punctured kite, and Gerda and Helga take a fancy to the kite's ribbons. The kite's owner arrives, but the man proves to be a scoundrel as he grabs Gerda, intending to sell her for money. With Helga also restrained in his grip, Ingrid rushes to stop him, but he kicks her away. As she falls backwards, a stream of ice comes out of her hands, which breaks a large tree branch and knocks him unconscious. Ingrid fears hurting her sisters with her new-found powers, but Gerda and Helga are thankful for what she did. Her sisters promise to help conceal her powers, and each take a ribbon to solidify their sisterhood and to always be there for each other.

Years later, on the night of their father's 70th birthday celebration, Ingrid opts out, despite her sisters' insistence. At the party, she secretly and sadly watches as her sisters dance with their suitors. However, when snowflakes manifest around herself, Ingrid realizes her powers' presence. Packing her things, Ingrid later explains to her sisters that, if she leaves, they can have normal lives. She also passes the throne to Helga, who has leadership qualities befitting a queen. To rid Ingrid's distress over her powers, they go to a Mist Haven and seek out Rumplestiltskin. In exchange for their ribbons, he gives Ingrid a pair of gloves to cancel out her powers, as well as an urn to entrap her if she becomes too dangerous. In the royal garden, Ingrid is approached by Helga's suitor, the Duke of Weselton, who makes romantic advances on her. Horrified when he doesn't back off, she blasts him away. When Helga arrives, the Duke tries to claim Ingrid harmed him after he rejected her feelings. Instead, Helga spurns him due to knowing his true nature, to which he threatens to reveal Ingrid's magic to all of Arendelle, so everyone will know their future queen is a monster. Angered, Ingrid fires ice magic at him, but the Duke uses Helga as a shield, and she takes the hit; turning into an ice statue and crumbling to pieces, much to Ingrid's grief. Ingrid cries over her sister's broken body when Gerda discovers them. Despite the fact that Ingrid did not mean to kill Helga, Gerda cannot cope with what she had done and fearfully entraps her sobbing sister in the urn. Soon after, Grand Pabbie, on Gerda's request, erases everyone's memories of Ingrid and Helga.

Ingrid begins teaching Elsa to hone control on the link between her emotions and powers. When Anna returns home, Ingrid meets her for the first time; remarking that she resembles Gerda. While Elsa accepts Ingrid as their aunt, Anna remains skeptical. Later, Ingrid overhears Anna voicing these doubts to Kristoff and her plans to ask the rock troll, Grand Pabbie, for answers. During this conversation, Ingrid learns Anna discovered that her parents went to Mist Haven intending to get rid of Elsa's magic with something, but she hasn't told her sister yet. After learning about Helga, her other aunt, from Grand Pabbie, Anna realizes Ingrid might be up to something. She and her companion, Belle, make their way down the mountain, only to be stopped by Ingrid's storm. A fierce wind knocks Anna to the cliff ledge, where she desperately clings to keep from falling, as Belle tries to pull her up. Anna plunges to the ground and falls unconscious. Ingrid approaches her and collects the Sorcerer's Hat from her niece's satchel. Belle yells at Ingrid to leave Anna alone, but the Snow Queen remarks that she'll have to excuse them since "this is family business". She then materializes away, taking Anna with her, as a helpless Belle watches. Imprisoning Anna in a castle cell, she accuses her of intending to use the Sorcerer's Hat on Elsa. Anna rejects the notion; arguing that she wasn't going to use it on anyone until Ingrid attacked her. Ingrid explains she wants a family and thought her nieces could be that for her, but now that Anna has proven to be the "odd woman out" with nothing in common with herself and Elsa, she vows to find someone else to replace her.

During 1999, Ingrid is now working in the childcare system for boys and girls and runs a group home in Richfield, Minnesota. Thirteen to fourteen years after Emma is born, she is placed under Ingrid's care. One day, she spots one of the boys, Kevin, toying with Emma's camera. Ingrid asks him to give it back because property is respected in the house. She approaches to turn it off and returns the device to Emma. Ingrid reassures Emma that she'll fit in. After Ingrid walks off to announce bedtime, Kevin threatens Emma into turning over her camera to him by tomorrow, or he'll make her life miserable. That night, Ingrid catches Emma running away. She doesn't stop her, but casually lets it slip that Kevin happens to be afraid of spiders; including the rubber ones hidden in her own drawer. Realizing Ingrid is helping her, the girl agrees to stay. Soon, Ingrid secretly makes plans to adopt her. Spending time together, they have fun at the amusement park, where Emma plays the claw machine and accidentally causes sparks of magic. Emma wins a dog plushie and a ring, to which Ingrid beams with excessive and genuine praise while shedding tears of happiness. Seeing papers in Ingrid's bag, Emma assumes she is being transferred to another home. However, Ingrid admits she is adopting her, which Emma happily accepts. As they wait for the bus, Emma suggests it'd be great to have magic to instantly return home. Ingrid, knowing the girl's potential, pulls her in front of an incoming car and pushes her to use magic. But this only severs her bond with Emma, who, freaked out at Ingrid's insistence that she has hidden powers, runs away.

Ingrid plants a false mirror within the top level of the clock tower and allows herself to be apprehended by Emma and her allies. Taken to the sheriff station, she is interrogated by Elsa about Anna. Coolly, Ingrid continues to insinuate Anna is not worth it since she put Elsa in the urn. A furious Elsa then leaves to cool off while Emma resumes questioning. When asked about the erasure of Emma's memories of her, she implies that all families are not perfect. Emma affirms they're not family, but Ingrid insists she and Elsa have similar powers as her and thus belong together. Ingrid insists Emma's biological family may love her, but they also fear her powers. Later, Ingrid freezes the station door entrance to prevent Emma's allies from coming in after they realize the mirror is fake. Having cracked some of the latter's confidence, Ingrid recalls Emma, as a young girl, was angry of her parents for giving her up and despite that they had no choice due to the curse, they are still selfishly using their only daughter and her magic to constantly save them. She argues that they'll start to fear Emma if her powers become dangerous, and how her parents must be very thankful their second-born was without magic. As Emma, out of anger, unknowingly uses magic to heat up a glass of water, Ingrid proclaims her parents can't love her if they don't understand her, so they will soon see her as a monster. Having enough, Emma's emotions reach a boiling point and shouts in Ingrid's face to shut up as she explodes a wall. Pleased, a smug Ingrid unbinds herself and escapes. From nearby, she watches Emma lose control and accidentally injure David; causing brief resentment from Mary Margaret. Feeling ostracized, Emma flees. Afterwards, Ingrid asks for the three ribbons in exchange for telling Mr. Gold the last thing he needs to be free of the dagger's influence, since she once owned the weapon herself. She whispers the secret into his ear, receives the ribbons, and leaves to enact her plan of taking over Storybrooke. 041b061a72




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