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Rustam Panov
Rustam Panov

Visual Foxpro 8 Portable

i agree. what would you tell a small business owner to get it off their plate? install visual studio at a significant cost to the company? no thanks. why not to keep it simple and use foxpro on it's own?

Visual Foxpro 8 Portable

correct. that is the only reason i can find to renew my license every year when i dont want or need it. its all about money, the amount of money that microsoft requires us to pay. if you accept that, then foxpro will be dead. if you choose to support microsoft, you are dead too. wont see any more fpl versions. go with microsoft and you will be able to save money, but you will have no life. go with other foxpro developers, and you will have a great life.

recently i switched from jdbc back to odbc for connecting to my foxpro 8 database. there is no support for using odbc with foxpro any longer and thats simply weird to me. what happened to odbc?? ive never heard of odbc being removed from a windows product. google doesnt show anything back about the situation either. lets hope google figures out how to get odbc working with foxpro. an odbc connection support would be nice.

visual foxpro 9 (aka visual foxpro 9.0) first appeared sometime in 2008. even microsoft has never announced or supported any version of it since. i believe the team was going to turn it into the successor to vfp7. it never did.

now lets flip over to visual foxpro 8, which originally appeared in 2009 and is officially supported until 2018. foxpro 8 is almost a complete revision over visual foxpro 7. the only things left out from 7 in 8 are the development tools and the bitmap function. what about if you use vfp as your only database vendor? i don't think they want you to use anything else.




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