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Unity Asset Bundle 2 October 2019

Unite with Unity. Dive into a bundle full of resources to get started with the Unity game engine and develop your own game! Get $1,039+ worth of awesome software in this bundle. The Humble Unity Bundle 2019 will run from September 24 to October 15. Purchases of this bundle will support Gameheads via United Roots.

Unity Asset Bundle 2 October 2019


In October 2015 Humble Bundle announced a new monthly bundle which would start in November 2015, called the Humble Monthly bundle. This bundle featured a selection of Steam games every month for a set price, with 5% of net Humble Monthly bundle proceeds going to charity. Each bundle could only be ordered before release, with the contents hidden until after release (at which time the bundle was no longer available to purchase). In October 2019 Humble Bundle stated they would be discontinuing the Humble Monthly bundles and replacing them with a new service called Humble Choice, which would come into effect at the end of the year, with the Humble December 2019 Monthly being the final monthly bundle.

Humble Choice is a monthly service that started in December 2019, replacing the Humble Monthly bundles. Similar to the Humble Monthly bundles, Humble Choice offers new games every month with 5% of proceeds from subscriptions going to charity. Contrary to the Humble Monthly bundles, Humble Choice reveals all games at the start of the monthly cycle and subscribers are able to choose which games they want to keep, with the amount of choices they are able to make being based on what subscription they have opted for. There are currently four different subscriptions available (Lite, Basic, Premium, Classic).




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