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Christian Mitchell
Christian Mitchell

Sexual Energy Transmutation: The Secret Path To Health, Wealth And Genius Mobi BETTER Download Book

A wealth of necessary information about sexual transformation.Solid foundation. Good head start to practically transforming our sexual energy. I find repetition in books, to help us understand the concept deeper.By the way, Jay is a really approachable man. His help to me through emails was very valuable. He is very inspired to help people, and for that quality I give 10 stars.

Sexual Energy Transmutation: the secret path to Health, Wealth and Genius mobi download book

The book, Sexual Energy Transmutation: The secret path to Health, Wealth and Genius, is a tour de force of the lesser known dimensions of sex and sexuality.Jay Onwukwe does a brilliant job of re-introducing sex to man.I thought sex was awesome, but it just got better!

This is a fantastic master piece and a must read by all and sundry.The book shows you how to harness your sexual energy well thereby throwing more light to what Napolian Hill started in chapter ten of his book:-think and grow rich.It opens the door to good health,wealth,and prosperity.Read,enjoy, and be blessed.

11 SEXUAL ENERGY TRANSMUTATION Indeed, the primordial creative energy in sex transcends procreation. Unfortunately, many men and women being unaware unknowingly dissipate and thus fail to avail themselves of the innate superlative powers of their abundant sex drive; and this is one primary cause of mediocrity. This book empowers you with basic esoteric knowledge of sex. It presents the secret alchemy of sexual energy transmutation in a simple, practical and natural way, anyone can use. This arcane wisdom, taught only to Kings and Queens and their trusted inner circles in ancient dynasties, is sure to impact your sex life positively. It is no surprise that sex is in constant focus and hype. This is because sexual desire is not only inborn, it is also the strongest desire in Man. Even the baby male child of a few months old sprouts an erection while suckling her mother s breasts, albeit unconsciously. And because the external sex organs are easily seen and felt, sexual desire is easily aroused. Thus a lot of mental and emotional energies flow into sexual desire and its 2

38 Jay Onwukwe influence are briefly explored below. The Root, located at the base of the spine, in the vicinity of the reproductive organs, is the energy centre for pro-creativity, selfidentity, and self-worth or self-esteem. It governs your career choice or path, as well as your wealth mindset. The quality associated with this centre is Sensation; its colour is Red. It manifests as your level of control over matters of Sex, and other lower vibration thought forms such as Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Revenge, Greed and Selfishness. When balanced and active, you experience good health, high self-esteem, emotional harmony, and poise. The Sacral, closely associated with the Root and located just above it in the region of the lower abdomen, is the energy centre for sexuality, relationship, and creativity. The faculty associated with this centre is the Personality; its colour is Orange. It governs the quality and calibre of your Desires, Ambitions and Aspirations. 65 350c69d7ab




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