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Christian Mitchell
Christian Mitchell

Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood Torrent

It was to fulfill this divine commandment that our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ was circumcised on the eighth day after His birth according to the flesh from His pure and ever-virgin Mother Mary. This event receives but passing notice in the Gospel:

Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood Torrent

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In him also you were circumcised with a circumcision made without hands, by putting off the body of flesh in the circumcision of Christ; and you were buried with Him in baptism, in which you were also raised with Him through faith in the working of God who raised him from the dead (Colossians 2:11-12)

The all-good God was not ashamed to be circumcised with the circumcision of the flesh, but provided Himself as an example and pattern for all, for their salvation; for the Creator of the Law fulfilled the prescriptions of the Law and the predictions of the Prophets concerning Himself. O Lord, who holdest all things in the palm of Thy hand and was wrapped in swaddling-clothes, glory to Thee (from aposticha of the feast).

During the Mass, when he said the Words of Consecration with doubt in his heart and soul, the bread changed into living flesh and the wine change into blood which quickly coagulated into five globules of differing size.

In 1971 when the specimens were tested, they found the Flesh was human heart tissue. Both the Flesh and the Blood are blood type AB-, the same found on the Shroud of Turin and all other Eucharistic miracles.

Cast in the image of the savagely violent Flesh Tearers, the Children of Seth are a brutal chapter forged in the blistering dunes of Atum, a feral world steeped in a culture of death and rebirth. Named after the bloody-handed lord of the vicious Chapter from whom they are descended, the Children of Seth are a Chapter infamous for the murderously violent and destructive manner by which their wars are waged. Hailing from the harsh desert world of Atum, the Children of Seth have carved themselves deep into the annals of Imperial history, each page dripping with the blood of their foes.

Like their progenitors, the Children of Seth are a semi-codex compliant Chapter, though not to the extent of the Flesh Tearers, the Warriors of Atum have been blighted by the twin curses of Sanguinius' bloodline to the extent that they are unable to function in the full company format laid out by the Codex Astartes. Created beyond the usual Foundings of Asartes, the Children of Seth were created for the express purpose of bringing the troublesome Carhta sub-sector under control.

To say that the Imperium's response was swift and brutal would be an understatement; descending like the fist of murderous god the Flesh Tearers, smashed into traitorous Atumians, butchering all who stood before them with a bloodthirsty zeal. Even as the sons of Nassir Amit ripped through the treasonous natives those few who had not joined their corrupted brethren and thus been forced to vanish into the scorching deserts returned with a vengeance, full of murderous fury at the treachery of their fellows they joined the Flesh Tearers and annihilated the traitors with a murderous rage that impressed even their Astartes allies.

During this suppression of Atum's rebellion word began trickling in of the loyalist native's reverence for the Flesh Tearers and their unfathomable hatred for those who had fallen to the whispers of chaos, it was an obvious choice where a new chapter should be founded and, as reward for its surviving population's unflagging loyalty to the God-Emperor (who the natives and later the Children of Seth refer to as 'The Imperishable') Atum was made into an Astartes homeworld. In an attempt to harness the bloodthirsty fury of the Flesh Tearers the Imperium used some of the purer gene-seed tithed to them by the warrior's of Cretacia.

It seemed originally that they had succeeded, the Children of Seth seemed at first to be much like the Blood Angels of old; the twin curses seemed to be under their control, absent were the bestial cannibalistic rituals of the Flesh Eaters or the Blood Drinkers' barbaric indulgence of the Red Thirst. Time would prove this image to be false, for the Children of Seth were very much born in the image of their homeworld and progenitor both. Like the scorching sands of Atum they could be still and silent, but just like those dunes they could be whipped into the terrible fury in an instant, for the blood-mad rage of Nassir Amit flowed through them. Though their namesake was little more than a scout at the time of their inception, as they were released by the wider Imperium, their progenitor Chapter was now under the leadership of Gabriel Seth.

The early years of the Children of Seth were difficult ones. Created outside of an official founding, the armoury of the Children of Seth during those early years was comprised mainly from hodgepodge cast-offs from other Chapters of the Sanguine Brotherhood. Faced with the prospect of fighting against an entire sub-sector armed only with the barest weaponry available, the Sons of Atum (as they were still known during that time, as they had yet to be fully formalised) quickly discovered, like their brutal progenitors, that the bloodthirsty fury of Nassir Amit was a potent weapon. Whilst initially, the High Lords of Terra had wished, perhaps naively for something more akin to the Blood Angels, as the Sons of Atum were primed in the sand-scorched testing grounds of what would become their home system, it quickly became clear that they were as the Cretacians. As cold and detached as they were, this ultimately mattered little to the High Lords of Terra; either the Children of Seth brought bloody order to the sub-sector, or, lost to their blood-rage, they slaughtered everything and the Lords of the Imperium would simply send over new servants to populate the worlds.

A vast construct, the immense obsidian structure on Atum known as Sha's Pyramid is a dark, unpleasant facet of the Children of Seth's existence. Like the Tower of the Lost on Baal, Sha's Pyramid is where those that fall to the twin curses of Sanguinius' line are imprisoned, howling in impotent insanity, thrashing against their chains. Due to drawing their lineage from the Flesh Tearers; those of the Sanguine Brotherhood most affected by the twin curses in their blood, Sha's Pyramid echoes with the fury of legions of insane blood-mad Astartes. Unlike Ahm Shere, Sha's Pyramid is not intentionally hidden away from the residents of Atum, instead, it lurks in plain-sight. So massive is the obsidian construct is believed to be a mountain by the residents of the desert planet. In Atum proper, it is believed to a haunted, cursed place. None dare go near it and those who live in its shadow are seen as an ill-fated group. Save for those driven to animal madness, Sha's Pyramid is home only to a grim cadre of Chaplains known as the Mehen. These warriors are never seen by the majority of their Chapter, essentially exiled to live near permanently in Sha's Pyramid, they are a terrible gathering.

Recruitment into the Children of Seth, like most things in their brutal, bloody culture, is a violent and unforgiving thing. During the Angel's Season, rivalries between city-states are stoked, old grievances brought back to the fore. Towards the end of the season, when tensions have reached a fever pitch, aspirants are given a simple message "Ahm Shere is calling." Once that message is given, without fail, the world of Atum explodes with war. Many believe that the librarians of the Chapter psychically nudge the rulers of the city-states towards the notion of war. Under the cover of all-out slaughter, the potential Children of Seth must reach the Chapter's fortress-monastery, hidden deep in the deserts of Atum; Ahm Shere the ancient necropolis. When those who are not killed by the conflict or by the creatures of the desert are greeted by a lavish banquet, plied with the finest food and drink. When they inevitably pass out however they do not awake the sandstone halls of Ahm Shere. Instead, they awake to the scorching depths of the desert. Now it is the Drake's Season, the hottest, longest and most blisteringly violent season on Atum. These hopefuls are awoken by a messenger of the Chapter, informing them they have nine days to return the Ahm Shere, else they will be consumed by Khamaseen; the Imperishable's Breath, the longest, most savage sandstorms on the world. Lasting for five weeks, the Khamaseen roars with such intensity that the storms can flay a man alive in a second. For those nine days, the aspirants are watched and measured by their actions. Those who are judged worthy are welcomed into the Chapter, those who fail, die. Either by the hand of the Chapter or the desert.

Where almost all who bear the blood of Sanguinius have held to his ideals, the Children of Seth have not moved beyond mourning the Great Angel, it is their belief that they are the manifestation of Sanguinius' revenge against the most hated of traitors, as shown with their battlecry "Vengeance for the Angel! Victory for the Imperishable!" the very existence of those born from Horus' gene-seed is an offence to the warriors of Atum. As well as their vengeful nature, the Children of Seth are generally an unforgiving an warlike lot, whilst not cruel, their contempt for weakness of any kind leaves them seeming standoffish and callous.




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