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Taste The Dark By Nicola Rose

When Black Messenicola is fermented on its own, it yields exceptional rosé wines, with a striking dark-pink colour and an intense bouquet that brings to mind dark red fruit. Its balanced taste and soft tannins reward even the most demanding palate.

Taste the Dark by Nicola Rose

This astonishing varietal presents notes of dark fruits, blackberries and ripe raspberries, plums, cassis and even salty black olives. It creates a unique step-by-step taste experience that begins with its intense aromas, continues with its robust body, and culminates in an aftertaste-surprise with peppery spikes.

These grapes produce a wine that is medium-bodied and deep red in colour, with a bouquet of rose-petals and red fruits. Its taste is robust, velvety and strong, while still preserving a wonderful freshness, thanks to its crisp acidity.

In Greece, it was originally cultivated in Metsovo and quickly spread throughout almost the entire country, eventually reaching Messenicolas, where the special microclimate and terroir seemed to suit it particularly well. This special grape, under the luminous Greek sun at an altitude of 700 metres and near one of the most beautiful artificial lakes in Europe, proudly offers a truly special varietal wine of the highest taste, aroma and aftertaste. 041b061a72




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