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Christian Mitchell
Christian Mitchell

Robin Trower Another Days Blues Rar

Yet another excellent live disc featuring Robin Trower's extraordinary bluesy guitar jams. Personally I can't get enough of Trower live as he just struts his stuff. "Bridge of Sighs", "Gone Be More Suspicious", "Daydream" and "Rock Me Baby" all featuring extended guitar jams. This particular disc is a European import and is pressed on a gold disc.

Robin Trower Another Days Blues Rar

Later that year, Ginger Baker and a host of former Bruce band colleagues joined him for two special 50th birthdays concerts in Cologne, Germany, hosted by the TV show Rockpalast. Selections from these were released as the live double CD Cities of the Heart, and much later as the DVD set Rockpalast: The 50th Birthdays Concerts. One special guest was the Irish blues-rock guitarist Gary Moore, who joined Bruce and Baker for a set of Cream classics. Inspired by this performance, the three formed the power trio BBM and their subsequent (and only) album, Around the Next Dream, was a top ten hit in the UK.[5] However, the old arguments between Bruce and Baker arose again, and the subsequent tour was cut short and the band broke up. A low-key solo album, Monkjack, followed in 1995, featuring Bruce on piano and vocals, accompanied only by the Funkadelic organist Bernie Worrell.

Trower has nevertheless endured. Still writing and recording, he has always sought fresh horizons, and has just released and another new album, Time And Emotion. And he continues to tour, proudly showcasing a repertoire from the 1970s that runs like a thread of steel through the core of British blues-rock culture.

From House At The Foot Of The Mountain another mixtape of root and branch sounds, locked in reggae, ska/cumbia fusion, etho-funk, desert blues, deep dub, afropeat plus a classic highlife centrepiece.




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