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Watch The Angry Birds Movie 2 VERIFIED

The movie starts with Bird Island's inhabitants utilizing the slingshot transit system to get to where they need to go across an expanded Bird Village. Some are enjoying the beach. Vincent, Zoe, and Samantha are building a Sand Castle. Then, Red pops out of the sand. He demands Bomb and Chuck to look at their binoculars. Chuck sees a pie coming out of nowhere. Red then takes Chuck's binoculars and looks through them. They get scared and duck, but the pie hits a duck's face. The birds apologize.

Watch The Angry Birds Movie 2

The birds are then relaxing at the beach again, but a sun rail starts popping everything inflatable, including the bouncy castle that the hatchlings were in. Then the hatchlings start crying. They see that it was Leonard with a giant magnifying glass. Red gets angry so Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Terence pile themselves on a plank and then jump into the sea, causing a tsunami to come to Piggy Island and smash Pig City entirely, bathing a muddy pig, Oliver, that didn't want to take a bath.

In the Speed Dating area, Red, Chuck, and Bomb start talking with female birds, such as Dahlia, Willow, and Ella, Silver is talking with Red, but he gets angry as Silver was asking personal questions. He goes back to his house, where he eats popcorn and drinks butter. Someone knocks on the door. He opens the door and it was Leonard. He gets scared.

I'm Marybeth - Mom of 2, wife to 1, pet mom to 3. I love finding fun activities to do with my kids, going on adventures, watching movies and baking delicious treats! I used to climb the corporate ladder, now I spend my days caring for my family and spoiling my handicapped dog.

The final trailer for The Angry Birds Movie sequel was released by Sony Pictures and Rovio on Thursday, June 20. Viewers can expect more adventures between the pigs and the angry birds as these frenemies unite to take down a new threat- the isolated Zeta played Leslie Jones, who fired an ice ball at their island and is intent on destroying them.

In preparation for the takedown of Zeta, the angry birds are welcomed into the pigs' laboratory, where they are inventing gadgets to aid the mission, one of them being "invisispray," which produces indefinite invisibility on anyone who uses it, unfortunately for the test subject. The birds and the pigs then attempt to sneak onto Zeta's island using a giant bird disguise they are all hiding in, which leads to a break-dance challenge with one of the guards.

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